Pharma Excipients Manufacturers in India


For more than two decades since its inception in 1993, RanQ has been a leading pharma excipients manufacturer in India. RanQ Pharmaceuticals & Excipients Pvt Ltd, the parent company, was promoted by late Mr. G M Ranadive who was the Ex-Director Burroughs Welcome India. The parent company has floated RanQ Remedies Pvt Ltd in 2004 under which the present manufacturing and commercial operations are being carried out.

Since then, RanQ is a leading excipients manufacturing company in India, which has enabled us to complement our extensive customer support in terms of being a pharmaceutical excipients supplier.


  • Pharma excipients manufacturer in India, aims to supply high-performance excipients worldwide at competitive prices. Efficiency is our maxim.
  • RanQ also aims to become an effective and efficient pharmaceutical excipients supplier that can help customers overcome challenges in different aspects during the product development and formulation stages both.


  • To forge close relationships with our customers at RanQ, pharma excipients manufacturers in India, to understand their requirements and achieve maximum customer delight by providing quality as per their specifications and delivery according to their schedules.

  • To develop competent, highly qualified employees in all disciplines so that our customers can benefit from the experience and innovative drive of our skillful employees. Our customers’ work should benefit from our scientific team with the experience to meet complex challenges with proven solutions.

  • To invest in new products, processes and knowledge and remain competitive in the times to come.

  • It is in RanQ, a leading excipients manufacturing company in India, tradition to take responsibility for the environment and society for our future generations. In every major decision we make, we therefore, undertake local projects beneficial to the community. We consider not only their short-term effects but also their long-term effect on economic efficiency, environment and society at large.