RanQ Pharmaceutical Company in India

RanQ has always worked closely with the formulators to ensure the usage of the correct grade of MCC. RanQ's technical team is still available for the formulators. Today RanQ supplies excipients used in tablet formulation to almost all leading formulators in India and also has exported to various countries.

Our Network and Marketing

Thousands of distinct excipients are used in medicine formulations and makeup, around 90% of each dosage. The list of uses of excipients used in tablets is quite extensive. Many common excipients in tablets have more than one function, which can be an asset as it reduces the quantity of excipients required and minimizes the risk of interaction between them.

RanQ has established itself throughout many countries across the globe, as a quality conscious and reputable pharmaceutical excipients manufacturer and supplier. With consistent innovation as a focus, we are regularly attempting to develop and supply new distinguished products that address the overlooked needs of the industries we serve. Our products have purposes in various sectors, including the food industry, the pharmaceutical and supplement industries, and the drug formulation sector.

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